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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 27, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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on "the willis report." thank you for joining us. have a great night and we will see right back tomorrow. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening everybody. thank you for joining us. the teachers' union in chicago organizing a massive protest of demonstrations in response to the announcement that chicago will shut down 54 schools. schools closing in an effort to close a gaping wide budget deficit plotting to small traffic with acts of civil disobedience as they tried death save jobs that simply are not needed as school system. chicago public schools are staring at a projected budget -- budget deficit of a billion dollars facing an enrollment that has been swept by 34,000 past decade.
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mayor ron emanuel said the closures are necessary because too many of the chicago public school buildings are now half empty supporting up to 60,000 empty seats over the past decades. a system that has seats for nearly half a million students, nearly 20 percent of those seats are empty. looking at the consolidation that will cost an estimated $2,303,000,000, the teachers' union basically saying they don't care. you know, i don't know what they do. the half billion dollars of the next decade by closing its 54 schools. the union not happy. union president labeled emanu-el the murder mayor for is planned that she claims will kill never heard, an accusation that the mayor seemed to take in stride responding, do you have an idea that will ensure that 56 percent of the african american male
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adolescents don't drop out? you have an idea of how the move not only our graduation rate but our college attendance. noting that all of the school's targeted for closure are either perennial underperforming, under attended, or both. in the clauses come as absolutely no surprise. the chicago school closing months of public hearings, meetings that were attended by more than 20,000 teachers, community leaders, and, of course, parents. we are here tonight. the supreme court signaling the defense of marriage act will be ruled unconstitutional. family research council president will be your with his reaction and thoughts. the banks in cyprus are opening tomorrow, although with heavy restrictions of which way the money can flow. former reagan economic adviser professor arthur lawford joins us. immigration reform being debated in private, discussed in private behind closed doors.
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cash-strapped lobbyists are, of course, getting full access. the american people are simply shoved out of this closed-door discussion. legislation is just weeks away. we will be taking all of that up here tonight. we begin with the supreme court. same-sex marriage for a second straight day. the issue. today's case, the united states verses wednesday challenging the 1996 defense of marriage act signed into law by president bill clinton. the finding marriage at the federal level as a union between a man and woman. the president of the justice department has refused to support the case or enforce the law. fox news supreme court correspondent chin in green with our report. >> as protesters outside the spring court said overturned the defense of marriage act inside the justices debated the underpinnings of the law. large bipartisan majority in
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signed into law by then president bill clinton who is now disavowing it. today justice elena kagan pointed to the law's history. >> i will quote from the house of the court. congress decided to reflect an honor a collective moral judgment and to express disapproval of homosexuality. is that what happened? [inaudible] reaction, but not everyone was convinced that was the driving factor behind a landslide vote in both the house and senate including chief justice john roberts repeatedly questioned the implication. >> eighty-four, the same question. eighty-four senators base their votes on moral disapproval? >> formal disapproval ever since the obama administration announced it would not set lawmakers considering the 1996 legislation asked the clinton justice department for its view of the constitutionality three times and each time there were
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given the abcaeight. he argued that was hardly evidence of an improper animus. the case the line because of a plaintiff who married her card -- partner in canada. at the time his partner died the marriage was not derecognized in that state which left windsor with a hefty tax bill that would have been much smaller had they been. she sued to overturn. in addition to his specific claim, it was clear a number of justices have a problem without a lot is playing out in reality in 2013. denying numerous federal benefits to same-sex couples even if there legally married in their own state. >> you may catch every aspect of life. if your partner is sick and social security, it's pervasive. it is not as though it is only -- as justice kennedy said, it affects every area of life.
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>> others signaled the broader issue of whether equates to the federal government speaking on an issue that is more properly left to the states. >> at think it is. the question is whether not the federal government under our federalism scheme has the authority deregulate marriage. >> real concerns about whether or not the justices will consider the question of same-sex marriage, jurisdictional and technical issues were so thorny that the court actually appointed an outside attorney to argue just those issues and spent about an hour on that before getting to the question of whether or not to strike down. lou: thank you. fox news supreme court correspondent. by -- my next guest says the country could see what he calls cultural turmoil at the supreme court does, in fact, overturned the defense of marriage act. joining us now, the president of the family research council, one of the country's leading religious conservatives. tony perkins. good to have you here. first --
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>> our you doing? >> i'm doing great. after listening to these arguments, what is your impression? as a standard fall? >> this technical issue is not insignificant, the court could throw this out because the federal government, the justice department did not aggressively defended, did not defended at all. they had to have a third party supported by the house, by congress. that is the first hurdle. the questioning was -- it seems to be slanted. but their is a compelling reason. of vital interest for the federal government to preserve a definition of marriage. when you look at the social science data that has been amassed over the last several decades, children did best with a mom and dad and i think we have this conversation backers were people are talking about what these benefits from the government. this couple deserves the benefits.
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marriages have been set aside in a separate class and given certain benefits. it is because they benefit society in raising children. is that complementary nature of a man and woman to come together and have the capacity in most cases on the surface, not all relationships, but have on the surface the capacity to procreate. that is why government historically has recognized that union. lou: procreation as the compelling component of the definition has not really been taken out from the hearing over the last two days. in any direct sense at all, has it? >> no, it has not. in the oral arguments. it is the nature of why that union has been recognized. and to the point that the chairman made about this particular case out of new york, a couple that was married in canada, the argument that we heard is that people who love each other on to the will to get
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married. the have-something more than just arbitrary definition of love. what happens if someone else and agrees to this country, mary's in another country and allows polygamy. fifty countries that allow for polygamy. do we have to recognize that because the definition? so these are complex issues that the federal government obviously is of vital interest in the fighting. lou: let's look at something that justice elena kagan quoted saying congress decided to reflect and honor collective moral judgment and to express moral disapproval of homosexuality in the dome of law . do you see that as true? is that out of base? >> it was more of a recognition of what is good for society. that is, the more children who grow up with a mom and dad with their mother and father who were
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married actually is beneficial to society. we have been having this discussion about what makes marriage work for quite some time. major policy shifts. the best thing since sliced bread. four years later there have been unintended consequences, and as justice alito pointed out, we're talking about something or the internet and cell phones. very, very careful before we move down this path of redefining marriage. so this is a process that is being aggressively, vigorously debated at the state level across the nation. i do not think that we need a one-size-fits-all government solution. lou: i wondered, traditionally the right of states to define marriage. they seek to define marriage in contravention of what has always been the case. it is an odd twist because they could very well, these justices.
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it's up to the states to define. it is curious to me that the law says and customs says that the states can define marriage. overwhelming proposition eight, the most democratic the expression that we have. >> one is preserving.
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>> i don't have time, but i do have time for your reaction. >> and mr. question. lou: this is complicated. >> at gallegus 5050 it was to the jury is still out. >> the breakdown. >> well, what the republicans do, and they have to realize that 50 percent of their voters in primaries are social conservatives, evangelicals social catholics for imaging gays in the issue of life and marriage and walk away from the
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core values issues and lose a large portion of the voting. >> supporting a candidate is not pro-life. absolutely not. lou: thank you for being with us. we appreciated. much more on the supreme court decisions on same-sex marriage, at least as we think there will fall throughout the broadcast. more analysis. ahead, not just sinkholes. take a look that this. you're looking at a 700 job landslide that has miraculously destroyed one home at this hour. details on that and the sudden rash of appearances of the
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signals across the country. the gang of eight working in the shadows on immigration reform. why all of the secrecy? tonight we will shine a little light on all of the big money behind immigration reform in the "chalk talk." markets near all-time highs. housing improving. the fed pumping more easy money. to joins us here next. ♪
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♪ lou: we will be talking with the noted economist arthur lawford who was an important adviser on the economy to president ronald reagan. his perspective on this market and economy.
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stocks makes it one day after the dow least its ninth closing high of the year. losing 33 points. the s and p just about unchanged. the nasdaq rising on the day. volume on the big board picking up a bit. gold regaining all the loss yesterday, 990 crowns. up less than a quarter. inch strips that the lower. the yield settling. members are a little tricky when they run counter to common knowledge. the manufacturing sector is in the renaissance. take a look at this. it is our share of world exports on a value basis, 2003 through last year. we want to thank them. and obviously the trend is not the trend of the united states. 70 percent share of world
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exports to under 60%, cypress is bracing for the reopening of its banks tomorrow. our next guest says it is simple. if you tax people on deposits, they won't make deposits. joining us now, chairman of love for associates and economic adviser to president ronald reagan. good to have you with us. >> thank you. wonderful to be with you. lou: curious to get your sense of it. does it amount to gains? is it a gross historical play? what is your judgment? >> i don't know. but let me just tell you, tax and deposits are not allowing people to withdraw money. whoever would deposit money in a baghdad to not let you withdraw it. that is about as silly as in the concept i have ever heard. once you set it that these guys can do stuff like that there is no way you can take that power away from them and no way you can rebuild the confidence in
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the security into the banking system in cyprus. it makes no sense. lou: the hotel california school of banking. >> i just watched the eagles' special. you can get in, but you cannot get out. lou: the international monetary fund has fallen a long, long way , as has, of course, the eu. they did not have that far to fall. the central bank. a rationalist, smart man. along with this. and now they're trying to scoop up all of that money that the russians had in the cypress banks. this is -- the of the dutch finance. i love this comedy. the dutch finance minister says this is our template for italy, spain, portugal. hang on. >> is -- it's crazy. lou: going into our markets basically saying, enough of your
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nonsense. we're going to just go ahead and keep the bulls running year. the thing that is likely to continue? >> oh well long run, i do. lou: you and that long run thing. >> i think in the short run to. just like being called out as a mistake for quickly. lou: we will defer it for today's. >> thank you. stock prices are extremely low by any historical standard. interest-rate, tax rate, profits. they are low. you know, the real market if you look at it when it peaked in march to june of 2000, it's still way down a few could the s&p. the nasdaq is probably not even half of what it was. we have a long way up to go, and i think that we will do it. it is a poor recovery, slow recovery. it will continue to plod along. housing will be ultimately the thing that leads it. lou: one of the things that i keep looking at, these markets deserve a premium compared to all the others around the world.
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in that think we're beginning to get the economy, stronger than all but let's say china around the world. you know -- >> praised. lou: i'm guy with all we have got. >> you're right. lou: do you think we're going to see things built here? are we on point to start getting a little stronger here economically? the fourth quarter? de think it will show or vision of war down? >> probably a little bit up. it is still a terrible number, just a terrible number. what you're looking at, the worst recovery in the u.s. history. it is putting a little bit of steam, but not nearly enough to get as to the prosperity where we should be. these things are now taking time, but once the election in 2014 takes place, the republicans take the senate. two dozen 16 you get a pro-growth president with great congress. the bull market that began in
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the 80's, the bull market that began with clinton. and i'm looking forward to that. >> i think you just told us we need to hang on. >> that is true. we have to hang on. if we don't survive you can't take profits. you cannot. lou: thank you very much. good to talk with you. immigration reform. they're all taking place behind closed doors. republicans and democrats seem to agree on one thing. letting the lobbyists take their money, take their advice, but don't, don't, whenever you do, let the voting public know what is happening. left in the dark. where are to tell you why. were going to show you why in tonight's "chalk talk". chilling new details emerging about the mental state before he went on that shooting rampage.
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lou: the folks who make up that gain of eight, the republican democratic bipartisan thing, they are bipartisan in a bipartisan way closing of the voting public, the american public. public hearings, doing it behind closed doors. all that is missing, i suspect, is the cigar smoke. we will give you a little insight into why and what is going on. in the cbs news poll shows a stunning 80 percent of all americans right now are unhappy with washington d.c. %. that is the american state of mind. and the figure includes 30 percent of folks who are, well, downright angry and i suspect we know a few of those folks who are downright angry. this gain of eight, the bipartisan group of senators working on immigration reform, hearing all points of use. they know where they're going.
7:28 pm
they have been going there all along. basically the obama plan. member senator chuck schumer said congress comes back from easter break all rested and ready on april 8th. interestingly, they have been working on this deal behind closed doors and without open hearings and there it is beginning to be some push back. says republican senators, six members of the judiciary committee have written a letter urging to extend the time to consider immigration reform so that they can actually read the legislation. does the start to sound like just about everything the president obama's test and the democrats a pushed? well, that head of the union that represents the ice agents, immigration and customs enforcement, publicly calling up the gang of eight for not including his agents in talks on immigration reform. we will be talking by the way with him here friday, so be with us for that. here is why everyone should be
7:29 pm
concerned about the secrecy, closed door and rather, well, i think imperious approach to legislation. the amount f money being spent on immigration lobbying is absolutely stunning. uni may have been closed out. let me assure you. lobbyists have got a direct conduit into washington d.c., the gang of eight, this president, and according to the sunlight foundation there have been committed ready for this, 8,000 lobbying reports over the course of time since 2007, since 2007 until the present. 8,000. that was the last time there was a big push for immigration reform. well, of these eight dozen lobbying reports 6712 of them, 6,712 of them involved, you
7:30 pm
guessed it, immigration . that is stunning. 612 of 8,000. those lobbying organizations have spent more than one-and-a-half billion dollars to open the borders, to kick open the immigration system for illegal immigrants and to create these programs trying to andy effectively so since we have all been frozen out, they have been successful in influencing our legislators, that is not the only troubling part of this. it turns out that all but one of the top 20 business sector is active in the emigration of lobbying effort to, all but one what looser immigration laws. groups like schools and colleges are pushing for open borders,
7:31 pm
amnesty, the dream act. computer software company's lobbying for more high-tech workers. the problem is, it is not about the national interest. so if anyone tries to tell you that this bipartisan group of senators, this president, this congress, the senate are not under the thumb of the most powerful lobbying effort in recent history, they simply don't know the facts and they are these, 19 out of 20 sectors are pushing for open borders, amnesty, the dream act. this deal is cut no matter what else you think, whenever you want. the truth is, people are out buying the results. that is the washington game and why 80 percent of the folks tell think a lot of the way things are going in washington and why congress has about an 8 percent favorability rating and they still can't figure out how that
7:32 pm
came to be. this game on immigration reform is a game. it is a fraud. here are some of the questions being asked. why would we need any more unskilled workers? why would we do anything to bring in highly skilled immigrant workers. why? and it is a federal reserve that can set interest rates and monetary policies that are conditional upon employment rates. the phase we are going through now in is the bond buying security buying program why
7:33 pm
aren't they setting immigration policy on unemployment rates? that is, and we have high unemployment we slowed and immigration. when we have the low unemployment we raise immigration. that's right. in order to do that we would have to have control of both immigration and our borders. that simply is not the case and is not likely to happen. oh, yes, do you find it curious that the president, democratic and republican leaders in congress alike never say how many visas they want to have issued to illegal immigrants. you would think that if there were so confident that only 11 million illegal immigrants were in the country, that would be the number they would use. you don't suppose, no, oh, no. we'll be right back. what would jesus do? certainly not stop.
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we will have the latest on the scandal that now has florida's governor involved. it two straight presidential election losses. the republican party needs a little help. a new book about the man behind the modern conservative movement with the answers. leading the way, author lee edwards with us next. the supreme court not just interested in same-sex marriage. the high court making up ruling on bomb-sniffing dogs. ♪ my mother made the best toffee in the world.
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7:38 pm
defense attorney heather hansen and trial attorney seth. good to have you both here. let me begin with you, heather. this, effectively, comes down to, it seems to me, proposition eight and whether this court decides that the state has the right, particularly through a referendum to define marriage which is the effect of proposition 8 and will decide the federal government does not have the power to define marriage of the federal level? >> it is very difficult to say what they will do. i listen to the arguments. i think yesterday they seemed very interested in the standing issue. if they decide there is no standing they can't decide the case. lou: in the case of proposition 8. >> proposition 8. then they don't have to decide that issue and it can go to it today talking about the defense of marriage act issue. if justice kennedy decides it is
7:39 pm
up to the states to define what marriage is in doma falls and state-by-state they can decide whether or not marriage, gay marriage is illegal. lou: that seems to me to be the most intellectual, honest, consisted results. i'm not sure that the court is interested in such things as intellectual integrity. you tell me. >> in both cases, justice kennedy, again, is the man in the middle. he will be the swing vote. i agree with a lot of this. i do believe that the end of the day the irony here is that the supreme court acted like it did not want to hear either case. they accepted the right of appeal but the mark trying to find reasons to get out of it. at the end of the day i think that doma has a serious problem of survival, and i think that justice kennedy is the swing vote. he talked about not only the equal protection it's to the tenth amendment point that these are things that usually left to the state. it's a problem with a landing pad will be.
7:40 pm
lou: we will find out what the differences. we will find out what the differences between shearson colorado refusing to enforce federal gun-control laws and the president refusing to enforce laws like the immigration laws in the country. what is the difference? oh, yes, and doma, not defending it? give me a break. we'll be back with "dobbs law." ♪
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♪ lou: we are back with heather and seth. the supreme court ruled that police cannot bring a drug-sniffing police dogs on to that person's property without getting a warrant. did they get that right? >> i think it is interesting because they said the sniffing
7:44 pm
is uncertain. you know, airports which are luggage. they said it with regard to cars. i think you're the difference is property, your home and the fact that your home gets the ultimate protection. lou: the idea that a police officer can just approach your property like it's is it -- it is his without a warrant is certainly off-putting. >> well, i differ slightly on this. reminds me of the old phrase, no good deed goes unpunished. every person's house is their castle, but everyone follows the rules. you could argue because they're on the porch in places where people through the public are walking by. the dog sniffs a problem with marijuana. they leave peacefully, get a warrant, come back, bust the guy and recover almost three-quarters of a million dollars or the marijuana and it gets turnout.
7:45 pm
they never entered the premises, waited until they get a warrant, so i understand this is a controversial ruling that the end of the day i think they did a pretty good job. at this point if anyone is walking by the sidewalk where you have the end of this light? it really is a problem under the fourth amendment. lou: i support law enforcement aggressively. no one could be more pro law enforcement and i am, i don't believe, but the same time, a police officer and a dog on a man's porch or woman sports, i think we have moved quite some ways from what is typically an acceptable boundaries for anyone , your home is your castle >> and i don't know enough about the facts. it was not that the dog sniffed and immediately found it. it took time and active sniffing to the point that one of the justices commented on the embarrassment of your neighbors looking over and having your dog sniff under the rug.
7:46 pm
>> imagine the embarrassment. [laughter] lou: if you will, defendants who have been embarrassed because they're breaking the law and captured. thank you so much for being with us. we appreciated. thank you. and to join the discussion that's our website. e-mail me. up next, the president. he promised us that obamacare would curtail health care cost premier it to -- premiums would go down and we could keep our doctors and our health care plans. it turns out that those relies. we will tell you how big the allies were next. ♪
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♪ lou: more hypocrisy by the left-wing media. editor at large this week slaming reporters at breitbart for writing about the obama daughters of vacationing in the bahamas during spring break. atypical right winger angry about charges of racial bias. it turns out that they wrote a critical and indecent peace questioning whether there was a link between president bush's past drinking problems and reports of his daughters under age drinking. pretty cute. well, more obamacare sticker shock. they have to pay out an average
7:51 pm
of 32% more under obamacare which would raise premiums of the uninsured or force them to buy their policy directly from an insurance company. health and human services secretary yesterday admitted for the first time americans buying insurance policies for themselves concede their premiums go up because of obamacare. florida governor rick scott demanding an investigation into what is an offensive and intolerable classroom lesson. a professor who is also a democratic party official ordered students to stop on sheets of paper that had the word jesus written on them. one student reject -- refused. he said he was never punished for his refusal but the attorney says school officials told his client he would be suspended. maybe it's time to find out what is going on.
7:52 pm
washington state officials say one home has been damaged. the community overlooking puget sound. no one injured. look at this surveillance video capturing a security guard. a massive sinkhole. a disturbing rash of selling calls in the united states and abroad. it a florida man was swallowed up fifth and his body never recovered. more frightening than this one. opening up in panama city. it swallowed a three story building and and there's just about everyone. up next, leading the way, profiling the impact of conservative giants.
7:53 pm
author lee edwards joins us next. stay with us. ♪ copd makes it hard to breathe,
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lou: my next guest, one of most important figures in conservative movement over last 40 years, someone most folks are not familiar with ed foalner. man who helped shape ideas william f buckley. and barry goldwater, great to have you with us. a fascinating book. >> ed, started out with just
7:57 pm
very simple idea he called briefcase test. that was that we don't -- that people take a year on write or read. lou: he could have done well in television. >> can you put the research in a brief case, can you read it within an hour. today every think tank in washington d.c. does the same thing. lou: going through the issues, whether free trade, foreign policy, role of the individual, freedom of the individual, you don't hear people talk about independence, individualism, self reliance, those values are all but unheard of and undiscussed in washington, d.c. >> that is what your new president jim demint is determined to do something about. we've been working in washington
7:58 pm
all these years. we realize we have to go to the grassroots, because if the people in congress won't see the light, make them feel the heat. that is what senator demint is going to do. lou: senator demint created a lot of heat, i'm thinking he might be successful in that values of the considers -- contracts right now are challenged within the republican party, reince priebus we have watched him two presidential elections that are sure disasters for republican party. republican national committee, their postmortem can called an autopsy, this is dark stuff. >> i don't understand we've been here so many before. each time we have the right idea. i can tell you tonight we have some rising young stars, like ted cruise, and rand paul, and
7:59 pm
marco rubio in the senate, these guys will be able to take these ideas and translate them to policies that work. i am absolutely convinced of that. lou: you mentioned three of the youngest senators in u.s. senate, is it dawns on conservatives and republicans, that it is a generational issue. time for a new hands on the -- >> i think so, ed full nerve would everyone % there. say could i am 70, time to step down, turn it over to a young are guy on fire. lou: all right, the book circumstance leading the way. the book is, leading the way osale in bookstores on line right now, you can click through on on, that is it for us, tomorrow, congressman mike kelly will join us. we'll talk plenty, and


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